Gas Detection Systems

Gas Detection System von EVD GaswarnAnlagen GmbH & Co. KG
For continuous monitoring und measuring of explosive and toxic gases company EVD offers a wide range of gas detection systems produced by well-known companies.

A gas detection system consists of control system, sensor and accessories. Accessories are for example sampling systems, optical signal devices, acoustical signal devices and devices for emergency stop of gas supply.

Sensors measure the concentration of the toxic or explosive gas. In case the concentration exceeds the limit value an alarm is generated and measures are taken in order to stop a further increase of the gas concentration.

Gas Detection System G450 von EVD GaswarnAnlagen GmbH & Co. KG Sensors for a great variety of gases are available.

The product range of company EVD consists of stationary gas detection systems as well as portable gas detection systems.
Stationary gas detection systems are used for continuous monitoring of the ambient air.
Portable gas detection systems are part of the personal protective equipment in case areas where explosive and toxic gases are present must be entered.
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